Dust-free sand blasting machine also is called dustless blasting machine, dustless blaster, wet sand blasting machine.The difference between the dust-free wet sand blasting machine and the dry sand blasting machine is that the dust-free wet sand blasting machine is to put the sand material and abrasive in the water, let the water and sand mix together, use the high-pressure gas, through the nozzle of the spray gun to jet to the processed object at a high speed, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface finishing.
Traditional dry sandblasting machine can not be mixed with sand and water, dustless blasting machine is much more efficient than dry sandblasting machine, sand consumption is also a lot less, but also can improve the cleanliness and smoothness of processed object surface, improve the strength and adhesion of processed object surface, and no pollution to the environment, very environmental protection;Dust-free wet sand blasting machine is easy to install, no need to work in a separate workshop, can be processed directly on the production line.

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