Working principle of mobile hand walking shot blasting machine

In terms of the working principle of the device, it is the pills by using the method of mechanical material (steel shot or sand) with very high speed projectile into concrete pavement and the right Angle, using the high performance of blasting fast steel shot into the ground, soft surface part, irregular "orange peel" formation and superficial structure, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.Blasting depth between 0.1 mm to 3 mm, users can according to their own needs, through the selection and control of pellet material particle size and shape, adjust and set the machine's walking speed, control the ejection flow of pill, to realize the different mass ejection strength, in order to obtain the surface treatment of different effects, such as: using S330 steel pill, traffic 10. A, processing C50 concrete surface roughness can be achieved 90;The asphalt surface can be treated to remove the flooding layer and achieve a roughness of 80;The cleanliness standard of SA3 can be met when steel plate is treated.In the shot blasting process, the sprayed steel shot and dust are sucked into the vacuum cleaner and enter the special filtration system. At the same time, the dust and the steel shot are separated automatically, and the dust is separated into the output box, and the steel shot is re-used in the shot blasting machine.This seemingly simple process actually creates a dust-free and pollution-free construction environment in a real sense. While improving work efficiency, it also puts environmental protection on the agenda. In this era that attaches great importance to the environment, it is enough for more people with insight to realize its advantages.


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