Horizontal mobile shot blasting machine describe

Horizontal mobile shot blasting machine is a new concrete floor, asphalt floor, large steel plate cleaning machinery, with the following characteristics:
¯ Big blast volume and high mass ejection speed of cantilever centrifugal blast, can significantly improve the quality of cleaning efficiency, a satisfactory cleaning.The impeller of the shot blasting device adopts the integrated design to separate the shot, which is more convenient to replace.
 ¯All simulation projectile figure and shot blasting machine drawings all use computer aided design (CAD), with double shot blasting machine layout.It improves the utilization rate and labor productivity of the projectile, ensures the cleaning effect, and reduces the wear and tear of the protective plate of the chamber body.
¯ Walking automatically.Frequency converter stepless variable speed adjustment, walking speed 0-20 meters/second arbitrary adjustment, meet various cleaning standards and requirements, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
¯ High strength magnets and at the bottom of the brush as sealing medium, can improve the effect of the blasting confidential letters and reduce that caused by uneven ground steel shot, effectively reduce the loss of steel shot.
¯ Walking free lift handle can control the machine, which is beneficial to smooth through rough cleaning face, mobile machine can smoothly through the bridge expansion joints, high iron casting, etc.
¯ High strength material M13 computer laser cutting technology, its service life is greatly increased, and beautiful and easy to replace, high chromium electrode welding parts to ensure that the working life of the weld and machine itself also apply.
¯ Filter automatic counter blowing type dust collector, automatic counter blowing dust, convenient to remove the dust collection box collection, reduce the time of cleaning dust, effectively protect the construction environment.Reduce dust pollution around the construction site.
¯ Import vacuum cleaner air duct, using mobile car at the bottom of the lift.

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