Road shot blasting machine used for Runway

Airport runway shot blasting machine applications;
1. The airport runway is roughened, and the surface of the runway is uniform and fine, increasing the friction coefficient and reducing the takeoff and landing distance of the aircraft.
2. Shot blasting to remove runway rubber and rubber marks.
3. Shot blasting removal of runway marker line.
Concrete runway, asphalt runway tire rubber marks, as well as the airport logo line can be cleaned or cleared by shot blasting process;And the restoration of surface texture depth and friction coefficient.Cleaning speed and cleaning depth can be set according to different conditions of runway;The cleaned surface is neat and beautiful.The whole process of shot blasting is dust-free, the impurities are completely recovered, and there is no residual material on the surface.No additional cleaning is required;No other energy or resources are wasted.Easy operation and preparation, clear and evacuate at any time;In particular, winter construction is not affected.

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