Road marks removal floor shot blasting machine HC270

Road marks removal floor shot blasting machine HC270

Concrete shot blasting machine for the highway,road,construction and maintenance, development and design and manufacturing. Its scope of application is as follows:

Asphalt pavement anti-skid treatment

The impact of roughness on the surface of the road can not be ignored, and the traffic accidents caused by road slippage are rising every year. For example, in the turning section, the accident-prone sections with mobile shot blasting machine to play the hair to improve the anti-slip performance of vehicles in the past, very convenient and flexible.

The road pan oil clean up

In the highway and highways due to climate reasons, asphalt pavement often have the phenomenon of pan-oil, which affects the normal driving of vehicles, with mobile shot blasting machine can directly remove the surface of the asphalt pavement oil, improve the anti- Performance degradation.

The road signs clean up

Highway surface waste mark line cleaning is also a headache problem, with mobile shot blasting machine can easily remove the mark line, especially for cold paint marking line cleaning and municipal pedestrian street and other surface cleaning and cleaning.

The road surface when the surface of the hair and clean up

Pavement cover treatment using the mobile shot blasting machine on the road surface pretreatment can increase the surface roughness, so that the structure of the slurry dust cover the durability greatly increased; the use of resin material cover the first shot blasting can be greatly improved Resin overlay and the original base layer bonding strength.

The airport runway to remove tire marks

A high-speed take-off and landing plane on the runway will leave a trail on the runway, which will affect the safety of the aircraft's take-off and landing. The mobile shot blasting device can set the cleaning speed according to the different conditions of the runway. Clean up the depth, clean the surface after the very neat appearance. Especially in winter construction is not affected.

Clean steel plate surface, ship deck, steel box girder bridge deck, oil drilling platform.

With the mobile shot blasting machine can be ship deck, steel box girder bridge deck, oil drilling platform, chemical tank, ship surface and steel surface to remove oxide, rust and roughening treatment, the rough level Sa2.5- 3.0, fully meet the anti-corrosion coating or heavy anti-corrosion coating pre-treatment requirements.

  This model is with 270mm cleaning width,it is the smallest model,can use for narrow parts cleaning.

main technical parameters:



Working width


Working efficiency

On the concrete surface



On the surface of steel plate



(SA2.5Depends on the steel corrosion degree)

Blasting unit main motor power


Waling speed


Projectile consumption




Power supply

380V,50Hz,3Phase(can adjust according to the requirements)

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