Tower tank shot blasting machine

Tower tank shot blasting machine

I. Working process

This machine is a vertical hanging wall - type blasting cleaning machine.The specific working process is as follows:

Remote boot → dust collector  Suspension hoisting mechanism lift main machine to clean up the initial position  Start mobile shot blast cleaning system, setting speed  Clear clean up and down slowly moving shotblast cleaning system (shotblast cleaning system with a full range of the projectile circulation machine dust removal system) the equipment clean up 500 mm wide, clean up to the lower part of the artifact, across organizations to drive mobile transverse blast cleaning system is 500 mm, transverse traction orgnaization at the same time, 500 mm (in the drawing,During the lifting and rolling process, the magnetic adsorption mechanism will attach the moving cleaning mechanism to the side wall of the workpiece in accordance with the pre-adjusted magnetic force.  The suspension hoist will lift the moving shot throwing mechanism again to the new initial position of cleaning (the equipment needs to work from top to bottom to start the next cycle)



II、Technique parameters:

2.1、Shot blasting system

2.1.1 Capacity:~50m2/h;Cleaning efficiency of epoxy seven is about 25-60 m2/h, to cleaning rust 40-70 m2/h

2.1.2Cleaning width:500mm;

2.1.3 Blasting wheel power:11kw;

2.1.4 Abrasive:≤S550 steel shot;

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