Hanger shot blasting machine

Hanger shot blasting machine

1. Introduction

    Q37 series hook type airless shot blast cleaning machine is mainly used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structural parts, castings, aluminum alloy parts and other spare parts. It is widely used in foundry,mechanical and steel industry. It has following advantages:no pit, double hook without rail exchanging, compact structure, and high productivity.

2. Features

   A) Large amount of blast and high mass ejection speed the fourth generation in the world of cantilever centrifugal blast can significantly improve the efficiency of cleaning.

   B) Simulation projectile figure number (including blasting ware, the determination of number and layout of the space position, etc.) and all the drawings are completely shot blasting machine.

   C) Adopt the popular not pit structure, both save the foundation pit construction cost and time, and solved the southern users caused by the ground water inside the elevator of the pill sand rust caking problem.

   D) Rolling Mn13 clean indoor hot plate protection, compared with the previous rubber protection, its service life is greatly increased, and Good appearance, easy to change, it is the most popular way of cleaning machine room body protection.


    It is cleaning equipment, By the shot blast cleaning chamber, lifting machine, separator, spiral conveyor, two shot blasting machine assembly, the projectile control system hook, hook, walking track system, rotation device, foundation, dust removal system and electric control part and so on.

4.Technique parameter

Item Unit Q376 Q378 Q3710 QD3710  Q3720 Q3730 Q3750 Q3780
Maximum weight of cleaning Kg 500 1000 1000 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000
Abrasive flow rate Kg/min 2*120 2*200 2*250 2*250 3*250 3*250 4*250 4*250
Ventilation capacity m3/h 5000 8000 9000 9000 15000 15000 18000 20000
Lifting amount of elevating conveyor T/H 15 22 30 30 45 45 60 60
Separating amount of separator T/H 15 22 30 30 45 45 60 60
Max overall dimensions of suspender mm  Ø600 Ø800 Ø900 Ø900 Ø1400 Ø1600 Ø1800 Ø2000
*1100 *1500 *1600 *1600 *2300 *2300 *2500 *3000
Power(excluding dedusting) KW 19 32.5 36.55 39.65 61.27 64.4

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